Service List


Floor and grout cleaning will include the following:



Set up

 Dust mop floor using treated dust mop..

Damp Mop with neutral cleaner.


Vapor Clean

Remove dirt & prominent stains from grout lines using vapor steam cleaner with or without detergents.


Tile cleaning

 Scrub tile using universal floor scrubber with scrubbing pads or

 Scrub tile using rotovac tile cleaning technology or

Vapor steam clean tiles


Excess water extraction

Remove excess water or moisture by wet vac, extractor, or dry micro-fiber towel


Re-seal and finish

Mop on combination finish and sealer

Floor and Grout Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Other Services


White Rose offers cleaning and Janitorial services specifically designed to clean and sanitize your office or commercial property.

We offer pre move in and post move out cleaning services for commercial and residential properties.

We offer office and office building cleaning maintenance

We offer addition cleaning services for additional rooms and complete units

We offer intermediate and/or final construction, janitorial services for new commercial and residential properties.

We offer limited glass cleaning services

We offer custom cleaning at an hourly rate.

We offer top quality service to our customers and clients at rates extremely reasonable and convenient to small, medium and large companies, private property owners and renting or leasing customers.

We offer a friendly and personable team of professionals dedicated to customer and client satisfaction with every assignment.

WR offers a management system designed to maintain a higher Quality of service, a consistent and happy work force and a comfortable client/service provider/customer relationship.

We offer a Quality assurance program designed to adapt and maintain 100% satisfaction from our clients and customers.

We offer our clients the ability to use our services as a promotional tool to attract and maintain customers.


5 Step Carpet Cleaning Will Include The Following:



Set up

 Vacuum carpets using commercial vacuums.



Stain removal

Remove prominent stains using a variety of stain removers and removal techniques.


Pre- conditioner

Apply conditioner on high traffic areas and areas of focus.


Hot Water extraction

Clean carpets using a Hot water extraction method and rotovac technology.


Carpet Grooming

For thicker Carpets, Grooming the carpet to direct, lift and separate the nap.



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